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The Comfort Zone - Chapter Two

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The Comfort Zone - Chapter Two Empty The Comfort Zone - Chapter Two

Post  Trinity4ever on Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:07 am

Chapter Two


Without him she would not know love.
Her heart would be something empty and un-alive!
“You did what last night?” Janet asked. “I thought you said you were through with him?”

“I am through, girl I told you he just popped up and I opened the door before thinking.” Ariel said.

“You need some serious help. How long is it going to take you to figure out he’s just using you…forever?” Janet asked.

“Child I don’t know, but if it keeps feeling as good as it did last night it could be forever.”

They were sitting in Ruby Tuesday’s waiting for their baby back ribs. Ariel loved those ribs with the mashed potatoes and broccoli. It was one of her favorite dishes. They had been in the mall shopping trying to find dresses to wear to the club this weekend. Ariel didn’t really like going to clubs anymore but she did need to get out of the house. They were celebrating their friend Denise’s birthday and that is where she wanted to go. It was her birthday, her choice.

“Maybe you’ll get lucky and meet somebody new and single at the club Friday night. You need to leave that Michael alone. You know he’s never going to leave his wife, they never do.” Janet said. She always thought she had all the answers.

“You know you really can’t talk ‘cause I know Greg thinks he’s a player.” Ariel snapped back.

“No, that’s my baby…we’re going to get married soon. It’s just a matter of time.” said Janet.

“What makes you so sure? Has he asked yet? Do you have a ring to show for it? Until you get that ring don’t be too sure.”

Ariel wondered why she even paid any attention to Janet anyway. She was always thinking she had all the answers. Thought she had the best man. She knew for a fact that Greg cheated. She had seen him with another woman herself one day at the Lake Town Mall in Gaithersburg. Of course, he didn’t see her…at least she didn’t think he did. Anyway, as far as she was concerned all men cheated. She hadn’t met one yet that didn’t.

Finally the food came, hot and delicious. Ariel had decided to order a glass of iced tea. Maybe that would get the wine out of her system from last night.

“Don’t you worry about it…the ring is coming.” Janet said.”You’re just jealous because Michael won’t leave his wife.”

“Child, please. She can have his sorry ass. I couldn’t deal with his cheating myself. He’s hardly ever home. He was in my bed more than he was in his own until she threatened to divorce his ass. Believe me… he’s not going nowhere and neither is she. It took her over thirty years to train him so there’s no way she’s letting him go now.”

Ariel knew he had been this way most of his marriage…he’d told her so. He had always cheated and his wife knew it. She was probably doing the same thing he was. What she didn’t like about it was him dragging her into this game of theirs. The game they’d been playing for years now.

“So, how are the kids?” Janet asked.

“They’re doing fine. They’ve got their own lives now girl, they don’t have time for me. Shanelle is in college, still dating that white boy; and Dorian’s busy with his two kids now, they keep him busy. Plus he’s still trying to be a rap star so he’s in the studio every chance he can get. Performing at shows around the area with his group.” Ariel had finally raised her kids and it was her time to do something for herself now.

“I guess they figure with their momma running around acting like she’s twenty-five they better get a life, huh?” asked Janet.
“I guess you haven’t heard that forty-five is the new twenty-five? It’s been all over the news, the internet, haven’t you heard girl?”

Ariel had raised her kids alone after she divorced and she was tired. She had no life while she was raising them and now she intended to make up for lost time. If she was acting twenty-five then so be it, she deserved to.
They finished their food and paid the check. They still had to go and find dresses for the club this weekend and it wasn’t getting any earlier.

“I guess I’ll go and check out ‘Forever 21’,” Ariel said. “My daughter told me they’ve got some great dresses there at really good prices…and since I think I’m twenty-five now I might find something I like in here.”

“You really are pushing it now, don’t you think?” Janet asked.

“No, I’m serious…I’ve been there before and they really do have some nice clothes at good prices…and since we’re in a recession, I might as well try and save some money while I’m at it.”

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