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"The Comfort Zone" - Chapter Three - Nature's Wonders

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"The Comfort Zone" - Chapter Three - Nature's Wonders Empty "The Comfort Zone" - Chapter Three - Nature's Wonders

Post  Trinity4ever on Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:00 am

Chapter Three

‘Nature’s Wonders’

Species co-exist
Indulging in nature’s treats.
Dripping with essence!
As Ariel, Janet and Denise walked into the club, they could hear the sounds of the bass in the music system shaking the building. Ariel could feel the music pulsating and throbbing through her body. She hadn’t been in a club in quite a while and she’d forgotten how loud it could get.

“So this is The Club Ecstasy everyone’s been talking about?” asked Denise. She had heard people talking about it but never thought she’d end up here. It really wasn’t her scene but she’d figured since it was her birthday maybe she should do something a little different…a little extreme. Some friends at her job had told her it was like nothing you’d ever seen. And she soon began to realize why.

Janet had called ahead and made a reservation for the birthday girl. As they were escorted to one of the front tables they began to see what it was that was so different about it…it was a strip club…not just any strip club, but a unisex strip club. It was decorated in silver, white and blue. It had royal-blue velvet lounges surrounding the walls and no matter which way you turned you could see your reflection in the mirrors. They walked through the crowd with the usher and arrived at a little round, white table with silver chairs. The tables all had blue candles glowing and flickering in the darkness. On the stage almost directly in front of them was a petite brown skin woman with long, dark brown hair. Behind her silver curtains shimmered with the reflections from the lights. Above her in lights flashed the name Brown Sugar and she danced to one of Beyonce’s tunes (an updated version of Donna Summer’s ‘Love to love you baby’) Naughty Girl. She had on a little gold micro-mini and a gold bra with four inch high heeled gold ankle boots. Her skin was shimmering with gold flecks all over it.

“So, which one of you is the “Birthday Girl?” the waiter asked.

“That would be me.” Denise stated…smoothing down the back of her red silk dress and sitting down in the chair he pulled out for her. She had her hair pulled up into a French roll and had on silver strappy sandals to match the silver jewelry she wore.

“Well Happy Birthday!” the waiter said excitedly.”I hope you have a good time tonight. What can I get you to drink?”

“I think I’ll start out with a Margarita and work my way up to the strong stuff” Denise said.

“I’ll have the scotch on the rocks,” said Janet. She had decided to wear a low cut black dress with silver glitter and black pumps with silver heels. She had her long dark brown hair hanging down her back as usual.

“And, what about you Miss.” the waiter asked Ariel.

“I’ll have the Hennessy and Coke.” Ariel said. She figured she’d need to be almost drunk to make it through this night. She had on a leopard print slip dress with gold sandals and a gold clutch purse. She had her hair curled and pinned up in the back.

As they waited for their drinks to arrive, Miss Brown Sugar stripped off her bra showing nothing but nice firm breasts covered in little gold pasties. Then to their surprise she ripped off her itty, bitty mini to show gold thongs and a voluptuous tight ass as she gyrated and twirled around the pole. Then she danced down the little cat walk to be in front of the men who had gathered there. Brown Sugar got down on her knees getting close enough so that they could slide money into her thongs while gyrating in front of them. Then, rolled over the stage from one side to another doing flips and splits making sure they all had a chance to slide in their dollar bills.

“Oh, my gaaawd!” Denise exclaimed. “She might as well be buck naked…the only thing she’s not showing is nipples and hair…and I’m not talking about the hair on her head”

“So why did you want to come here then?” Janet asked. “You mean to tell me you didn’t know this was a strip club?”

“Well, actually, no. I did hear that they had male and female dancers but not that they actually stripped.” said Denise. “Anyway, what difference does it make…we’re here now so we might as well make the best of it.”

Ariel just sat there shaking her head and sipping on her drink. The last place she wanted to be was in a strip club looking at half naked women. Now, the men might be another story.
As the music from the first song started to wind down, they heard another beat starting up. It was the beginning of the song
by the rapper Fifty Cents. The song called ‘Go Shawty - It’s your Birthday.’

Then on the loud speaker they heard the DJ say…”This one is for the Birthday Girl.”

Denise’s heart started to pound faster. She hoped they weren’t talking about her…please don’t be talking about me, she thought…but they were. Then, this tall, muscular absolutely gorgeous chocolate brother was dancing her way. He had on a white cowboy hat, white suede vest with fringes and beige suede pants. You could see his chest muscles and six pack abs gleaming from a mile away…and his smile was to die for. The lights flashing above the stage read, “Black Cowboy”.

“Oh my God!” said Denise. She was terrified. He was coming right at her. Smiling that beautiful smile, dancing and singing…”Go shawty, it’s your birthday. We gonna party like it’s your birthday, we gonna sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday, and you know we don’t give a fuck it’s not your birthday.”

“He is one fine ass mothafucka.” Janet said, sipping on her drink and staring him down.

And he came straight to the table where they were sitting and grabbed Denise’s hand. She was terrified. The last thing she wanted to do was dance in a club full of people. But instead, the Chocolate Cowboy started dancing for her. He was right in front of her smiling that beautiful smile and holding her hand. He was so gorgeous she could feel chills run through her body.

“Shake that ass”, screamed Janet, as she slid a five dollar bill into the waistband of his pants.

He just smiled and kept dancing for Denise. Then suddenly he reached over and pulled her up close to him and started to try and grind on her. Denise pulled back and tried to get away.

“Child just dance with the man”, Janet said. “You act like you’re scared or something. It’s your birthday, try and have fun for once girl.”

Denise rolled her eyes at Janet and started to hand dance with the guy. She figured it would be best to just go ahead and dance and get it over with so Janet could shut up…and she couldn’t deny he was fine.

Finally the song started to come to a close and the guy kissed her hand and started to dance back up to the stage.

Denise gave a sigh of relief. “Thank God that’s over with,” she thought and sat back in her chair. She grabbed her drink and finished it off. Almost immediately a waiter appeared and asked her if she wanted another.

“Sure, I think I’ll have a vodka and cranberry juice please.” Denise said as she handed the waiter her empty glass. As he took her glass he handed her a small gold envelope with her name on the front.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“Just a little birthday gift from the owner,” the waiter said as he walked off to get her drink.

“Well open it Child,” Ariel said.

Denise opened the envelope and slid out a little white card. On the front it had ‘Happy Birthday’ written in gold and she opened it to see an invitation. It read:

Welcome to Club Ecstasy!! We love to please, so write down your fantasy and place it in the gold box on your way out the door.

Denise passed the invitation to Ariel.
After reading it Ariel asked, “So, what is your fantasy?”

“Let me see that.” Janet said while grabbing the card from Ariel.

“Well, I’ve always fantasized about getting a full-body massage with the red-light special.” said Denise.
The waiter appeared with her drink and Ariel asked him, “What exactly do they mean when they ask, ‘What’s your fantasy.’”

“It means just what it says. Just tell them what your fantasy is and they’ll set up a date for you to come in so they can fulfill it. They give all their customers an invitation for their Birthday.”

“Hmm”, said Denise. “I guess I don’t have anything to lose by trying it out.”

She wrote down her fantasy in the empty space on the card and put her contact information at the bottom where they had a line for an e-mail address and/or phone number.

“Well, here goes…you’ve got to play to win.” Denise said.


To be continued....
(All comments are welcome) Twisted Evil Like a Star @ heaven

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"The Comfort Zone" - Chapter Three - Nature's Wonders Empty Re: "The Comfort Zone" - Chapter Three - Nature's Wonders

Post  Trinity4ever on Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:22 am

MrJay83 wrote:Wow..I really like this chapter..You worked your magic to bring that feel and atmosphere of that Kitty club..lol. Who needs tv., I'm gonna subscribe to Trinity channel!!! Cool Cool Very Happy !!

Why thank you Mr. Jay. That gives me motivation to keep on writing so I can finish soon. If I make it exciting enough, I might even get lucky enough to get in on Zane's new upcoming cable show, "The Jump Off." Cool Like a Star @ heaven
Freelance Wordsmith
Freelance Wordsmith

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