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Minotaur Revisited (Labyrinth Nocturnal)

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Minotaur Revisited (Labyrinth Nocturnal) Empty Minotaur Revisited (Labyrinth Nocturnal)

Post  Le0 on Mon Aug 06, 2012 5:48 pm

Begin Date: 11-26-11/7-15-12

Fatal pen, literature that’s graphed
9th Earth, corridor-7
Fables in integers, that’s math…
Most _nights I searched, thru the doors of Heaven
4 the mysterious hidden treasure

In eleven dimensions as bishop ad
Within the lesson it mentions paths, this of Hades
Furthermore, I became the bad news bearer…

Then, each setting’s intentions passed, Hiccups? Maybe…
Remembering, what brings 4th these different moods
When he said things, it went in the flask & mixed up mistake free…
[So lost in this multi-dimensional maze…]

Back 2 board positions…
That too was wards & prisons…

Act II, half animal… half dude
Tracks viewed the masked vandal who graphs the true…
Configurin’ why he writes pain…
Rekindlin’ why he struggles & fights life’s strains…
That prove the path’s an amicable platitude…

The Minotaur, who morphs N2 Slangston Hues…
Interpreting views thru the use of Haikus…

Hindsight, retrospect
Reflections of shells in Tao
Inspired writings

After that I laughed like the Buddha, a Haiku as fuel…
The converting N2 different forms ensue…

The T_nka Beans of soulga psalms
From this spawns the Layered Meccanisms
User input began 2 dance in stanzas
Output ended some, Mecca’s visions in ancestor’s answers…
[So lost in this multi-dimensional maze…]

The place: Somewhere around U.G.A. Jan. 13, 2002…
[Plugged in as Jack McNasty)

Now thoughts begin 2 circulate…
Halt, then the truth formulates…
9:45 was the time
Began the rhyme with tomorrow in mind
[That’s] Sought in loops that germinate…

Tryin’ 2 determine fates
Universal cause & effect
A lion who keeps learnin’ 8’s
A viewed rehearsal of laws in effect yet…
[So lost in this multi-dimensional maze…]

[Plugged back in as Chameleon]
I’ m followin’ trails now… shapeshiftin’
Color changin’… wonderin’ what the maze meant…
Or the aim in wanderin’, but 2 my amazement…
I’m hollow when I meld with Tao, but the date’s missin’

His face switchin’, somewhat irregular like Skeletor…
This maze prison, the message 4 life’s metaphor…
Escapin’ the mission, the relic or, light’s teleport…

Pace shiftin’, many facades… demagogues…
Fake premonitions, myriads of demigods…
[So lost in this multi-dimensional maze…]

[Now plugged in as Sacred Techs]
The prey or the predator, logs of mirage
The Way or the editor… conveyin’ God’s empty collage
An apostle’s blog, not 2 mention the…
Possible odds of dementia…
Yahweh or the messenger, portrayin’ God’s plenty parts…

Savior self, Swaraj…
Prodigal Sun how it started off…
Logic, camouflaged…

I’m hurlin’ potions…
Called game_ like Merlin Olsen…
The whirlin’ moceans…
That I concoct with the palms
Serums I bump from the gums

The sacred uploads, on demand
Familiar notions updated…

The pages uphold Run commands
Fields of E-motions upgraded…

The elaborate doc’ journals…
Labyrinth Nocturnal

farao Le00eL king

"I'm like a Shaolin Monk on Crunk" - Canibus
Minotaur Revisited (Labyrinth Nocturnal) Th_Feilong-alpha3-1

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