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The "In Say" Cure ( Insecure )

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The "In Say" Cure ( Insecure )

Post  OwnLeeAmateroftime on Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:46 am

Why you sweatin everything else because it aint like you...
Why you hate on niggaz.. Nothing better to do...
Most people have respect until you expose that inner voice...
Be bitter on the outside or shut the fukc up.. thats the choice..
But of course your "Sin Say" wont let you get away..
Teach you in the arts of "I hate I'm not like you" and soon you'll be gay
Hope 2 Build a band of weakminded misfits and posture 2 sway...
Never Content with your own sh it or happy with your stay..
Comfort levels in the Woe is me club the low is we club..
Memberships in the Moe is thee club..Eureka.. vacuum the pee club..
Dying a slow death so trying 2 kill others is the cure?
If you stayed focused on your own life strengths nobody would know u were a bore
If you were focused on your own sh it what everybody else does wouldnt even matter anymore
If you kept your mouth shut nobody would know you were 4
Still mad about high school and it was like 16 years ago..
I never was a popular person resonates all in your mind flow...
Bit ch, fukc him.. fighting for things you will never get...
Look at him, look at her..Still focused on everybody else's sh it..
"They gotta except me for me"!! Muthafukca you dont accept you for you so what are we supposed to do?
Listening to your "In Say" and it has nothing good to tell you EVER at all..
Analyisize what it has to say sometimes and you'll find the source of your fall..
I"m too fat and they think they cute..
Probably could have gotten over it by now if you worked on your own %#&@$! and kept it mute...
That "In Say" Cure is not your friend..
Particularly if its pointing at everybody else and not fixing whats within..
Because at the end of the day Assassin's Creed wont resurrect your own life...
Take that same energy and redirect it towards your benefit and re-structure your fight..

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Re: The "In Say" Cure ( Insecure )

Post  Felicia on Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:51 am

Thank you for posting this. Wicked first post; I must add.
Love the play on words. I love you

That heart smiley looks... odd.

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Post  Le0 on Fri Jun 08, 2012 7:42 pm

Was wonderin' where you were...
lmao sword school is now in session...
Niceness... afro

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"I'm like a Shaolin Monk on Crunk" - Canibus
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RE: The "In Say" Cure ( Insecure )

Post  Southerngirrl on Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:58 am

This was straight FIYAH ... !!
A lot of truth comes out in this piece ..... (thumbs up).

Good work !!
Freelance Wordsmith
Freelance Wordsmith

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Re: The "In Say" Cure ( Insecure )

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