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10-21-12 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies

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10-21-12 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies  Empty 10-21-12 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies

Post  Le0 on Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:28 pm

10-21-12 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies
Enticed all types at lengthening heights
An indulgence in refulgence
Device mics at public venues & sacred sites
Part of the reason why I write; predecessors become culprits

Some nights the pen penetrates the page
As I drop a blotch of Mithras’ lyric heaters
When days become a daze, the pen sprays
A daunting task as I pop-lock against spirit creatures

Hotness, where thermostats reads fevers
I see`uh sea creature with fierce peepers
These sentences display sick features
Of a Loch Ness, lairs of eternal tracks that sheathe ethers

Street fighter schemer, swivel kicks with cement sneakers
Lines defeat germs, cleansin’ the cerebellum
From pulpit to bullshit, hypocrites to teachers
As the leaf of weed burns & mother earth turn I sever eras from

The past `til each season’s discerned thru
A seer thru Zen tiers I’m aimin’ to convey Nao Shen Ming
Another perk learned from my errors succumbed to
Year 2 of 10 years; I’m trainin’ to display the Tao of all things

11-02-12 Trancemissions
From board controller 2 oceanography
Personification switches within dimensions…
[His] Shen roared psalms of code words, omens… prophecy
An exoneration of glitches & built-in submissions…

Myth in the trenches… delectable weaponry I’m clenchin’
Sword piercing precision; the way the mental operates…
Scripts blend intensions… detectable messaging my mind’s wrenchin’
Accord’s untwisting revision, the way the stencil oscillates…

Ostensible in some parts
2 be pessimistic yet hopeful…
Cherish the sensible in one’s heart
2 be optimistic yet woeful…

S`why thru struggles, he writes pain
When life unfurls in stages…
Why do [you] struggle & fight life’s strains?
When strife becomes pearls in phases…
A garrulous approach in inking pages
As I juggle the insight in sight, spoken with aim…
A fantabulous reproach… when sprinkling sages
As I muddle in the end’s plight, it ends right… quotin’ the maimed…

1-27-13 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies
\/Divine Law\/

Thoughts dropped @ the speed of confetti in parades
Through ticker-tapes, manifest what eyes saw as fate gives chase
While reality sideswipes like Grand Theft Auto’s jakes
Mathematic, buildin’ what the pen dictates per page…

Like Graff’ addicts, tag the feelin’ decoding what mind insinuates
Lights, camera, action…director asks that we follow script, no takes
The odds of that happenin’; picture summertime with snowflakes
So, what’s the point in rectifyin’ those mistakes…?

You’ll find yourself sacrificin’ both the physical & spiritual
Equivalent to bein’ placed on heavy stakes like it was biblical
Givin’ up the ghost, returnin’ to sand, only 2 be resurrected in the mental
Depictin’ Christ, when G-od is heard about but seldom seen equivocal

As the Earth rotates, I sit & contemplate images scripted in sentences
Alas the search showed 8’s like a cyclical pilgrimage encrypted in pyramids
Infinite is lenses when he writes whimsical instances shifted in mirrored grids
Endless in visions penned as I vow 2 raise princesses & pave way 4 businesses

Raze each day the senselessness in things we say then end this kids…
Until we seek a way to relay life’s endlessness, `cause eternity is all that’s concerning me…
Til then I’ll earn degrees & concern my steez with what burns in me
Discernin’ these learned decrees from tunnels cerebral like I was Sojourner’s seed

2-02-13 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies
Entice all types with lithium’s lights
In scenes I lock blocks with lyric heaters
Like device mics @ public venues or sacred sites
In dreams I pop-lock against spirit-creatures

Some nights, the pen penetrates the page meager or precise
Then themes I plot slot agents that mimic these words
A sum spliced within, as pen simulates encased meteorites
Rinsed schemes I knot stop decadence, when spat an image emerged
As [the] sentences displayed, odd flights… sick features
In the process of scrutinizin’ hereditary traits
Lines defeat germs & cleanse… I’m dyein’ 2 heal people

[Of]Past instances dismayed, hard like… cement sneakers
In the process of utilizin’ necessary fates
[As]Designed the leaf burns & ends… my rhymed blend buildin’ cathedrals

05-01-13 Trance-script$
1. A cosmological silhouette
2. Beginning Gomer Oz Dubar’s billowed sketch
3. Centered in mirrored depths
4. Designing infinite integers of inward sects
5. Then words mesh, equilibriums blend text
6. His skin becomes arithmetic’s penned flesh
7. As Sevens’ hymns spawn a mystic glitch of tinged treks
8. Merging as one with the yin sex
9. While Generation I’s trend next
10. W.I.L.D. proliferations disguised in reasonableness
11. Life lived as Kings we seem blessed
12. We may seem vexed when C.R.E.A.M.’s less
13. Yet the team brings understanding when mastering the dream’s quest
14. Nao the theme’s etched between sets
15. Nothing can intervene when the scene’s test
16. Proves void when I asteroid these means addressed
17. Love it when Queens mesh, lookin’ clean in ‘a mean dress
18. Ruler of her own destiny; she bee like a seamstress
19. With wings stretched knowledge is reborn when she streams, whets
20. The birth & death cycle; this scheme of desiring we each request
21. Like looped rehearsals truth is universal yet requiring we leave the nest
22. Only 2 reunite as desired strings reign victorious in feats progressed
23. Experiencing karmic results from longings we keep suppressed
24. Call it the unknown yet it seeps when at ease, rest
25. While we sleep, yes, the why stems from info kept in consciousness
26. Zigzagging, then lagging, N2 an abyss of conscious regress

5-04-13 Supreme Trance-Scriptz
1 A tree with limbs extending
2 Befit with seeds remembering
3 That we are mere decrees equipped with sea’s tendency
4 The droplets of knowledge dis-eased mentally
5 Yet freed essentially thru deeds equal in degree
6 As we feed each nutritionally & teach what fruition heeds
7 G-0-d’s affluent schemes breed dualism’s congruent creeds
8 Where constructs such as He or Her deviate from mi amour
9 Comprised of sides, the truth lies in pride & is devised by eyes
10 Justice resides in the prize once perception is realized & derived
11 As stars reel lives, czars spill tides while czarinas distill vines
12 Yet it’s still your word against mines in ‘a world full of mimes
13 Mastering the shine like lions, we’re ions designed in ‘a world fulla dimes
14 Or diamonds, depending on minds & what I’m on as I write my wrongs
15 In sight; my thrones, insight I’m prone when ciphers spin men spite my koan
16 Men’s plight, specifically, is his might horrifically, like a mental penitentiary
17 Penning imagery as I entered dreams of flora that mimicked scenes of each Queen’s aura
18 Where rulers are seen deplorable despite the mite of beings the light’s adorable
19 Or cordial; all actions are the price we pay, so reflection of self is affordable
20 At its core, corporal… though truth is abhorred & skewed, it’s still a mortal’s view
21 Of morals spewed through a sordid ruse as culprits choose I orbit truths
22 So successfully that love doubles U’s, 2 victories… 2 V’s
23 Professed fully; the pulp’s fruit imbued, thru experiencing UV’s
24 The unknowns thru these source-coded movies under the tutelage of the Umis & Rumis
25 Don’t ask why when the proof bleeds thru these Nubi’s true feeds from Doonie’s groomed sheets
26 That twist & turn like the kundalini moving that Om within me oozing the link that fuels peace

6-28-13 - 6-29-13Supreme Trance-Scriptz
1. The Source of ALL__ there is__
2. Born proclivity; the course of logs bare this
3. Rare glitch that’s fairly pitched… Cee the sediments
4. Divination in the testaments
5. Equality in its present tense
6. Flow farther towards embellishments
7. God’s evidence smelt through excrements like I’m the shit
8. Might find the niche; his mind’s remiss refined her twist
9. I designed a list where ALL eyes rewind the pitch
10. Just in time to fix rightness when decline’s the gist
11. Sovereign’s bliss; keep mind on this as I remind myself what the goal is__
12. Write what the soul gives; love’s light what the scroll proposes
13. Mastering flows ferocious… thru soul’s verboseness
14. Now wholes are focused, nu growth thru portraits
15. True oaths are motifs in ciphers like webhead designers
16. The power of diviners that thread pledge like the spiders
17. Crowned head required when queen’s piece is desired
18. Ruling embedded from sires in themes peace is rewired
19. Reminder to self the schemes each are prescribed for sustainability
20. For these aims are critically-acclaimed when truth’s the main utility
21. Universal brain agility, that’s strange in explained virility
22. To experience duality to me is the same; thus a claimed victory
23. Wisdom’s what arguments do; we must trust to gain validity plus,
24. The unknown is intangible only if the premise chains us
25. To these myths of the given, which is why I stencil gifts for the livin’ (us)
26. The zigzag clips for the driven’… the drifts, the trancescriptz, the lane’s curved reflux…

6-29-13 Supreme Trance-Scriptz
1. ALLAH sees everything
2. Born into steady rains
3. C’s succumb to deadly range
4. Destroying every game
5. Until each is equal, eyes reach the people
6. Towering over cathedrals lines fathered the steeple
7. In these peepholes; we seek the author thru a pieced prose
8. Mistake desire for the evils; it’s all part of the cycle we keep closed
9. What’s eyedeal is when epistemology discerned breeds experience learned
10. Legitimacy’s confirmed every time contingency’s adjourned
11. Inevitability’s affirmed & kept diligently in royal terms
12. There is no heaven or hell for Fishburnes; only rhetoric to cell the sick urns
13. Or pine boxes, create your fate and dye while awake while time posits
14. It all ends where the lots is or synapse is while mind thought this
15. Then circles again with Earths during the process of insemination: ostrich
16. Power is seen in queens like mosque pics
17. In dreams these scenes of queens are gravitating like mosh pits
18. Through the solemn manna the ruler’s foregone saga
19. Protrudes medulla oblongata; the self-induced yada-yada
20. Dealt as sooth or along modeled honor, the duel of forlorn barter
21. Or the dual of God’s lone shotta where youth are shone proper
22. Victorious in stature yet vainglorious during rapture
23. Continue the ordinance of masters & let modesty uphold the pasture
24. Experiencing the unknowns that can beset logically or propose laughter
25. We find out the wise juxtapose after hindsight & philosophy’s mastered
26. Meandering about as lives presuppose chapters, when time’s right the plan will offer each math served

7-13-13 – 7-14- 13 Supreme Semis’ of hahaism
1Mathematically construed thru 7’s
2Fantastically ensued thru leavens
3Pragmatically zoomed nu-heavens
4Pads radically groom Divine’s message
5That equaled graphed pageantries; consumed ethics
6Craft haphazardly… gab’s in tune with designed presence
7Mapped annually & viewed with a refined essence
8Practicalities loom when the twine’s lesson
9Of facts grammatically bloomed when the lines lessen
10As stats gradually entomb: dyeing’s the preference
11Retract affably… then fuse: a trying fluorescence
12I pass gadgetry for mentals while rewinding presents
13Exact mastery that kin used in designing metrics
14That lacked gravity; the pen moves an aligned nascence
15Path’s tactfully stenciled… when used ions are referenced
16Masked valiancy; utensils develop foods in the mind’s crevice
17Amassed strategies I’m N2… sacrificial; using time as leverage
18Laugh candidly; where rule’s wistful, time’s intertwined in irrelevance
19The wrath of the math’s damaging to fixed views when I’m benevolence
20Draft accuracy thru venues; the winds ooze a rhyming quintessence
21Jab casually, causation is proved thru u n i; try finding my etched prints
22A graff’ addict’s decree sent shrewd; win or lose the signs “sept” tensed
23From lapsed sagacity the jewels elude moods when blind to severance
24Plaques’n mad degrees enter pools miniscule inclined to fetch indefinites
25Alas realities end the spools when ridiculed the wise respect depth’s bliss
26These zigzag travels we been thru begin new sides of run-rise & skeptics

farao Le00eL king

"I'm like a Shaolin Monk on Crunk" - Canibus
10-21-12 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies  Th_Feilong-alpha3-1

10-21-12 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies  Tumblr_lxh1dq03uP1r9l5yoo1_r1_400

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10-21-12 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies  Empty 11-27-13 Supreme Letters

Post  Le0 on Wed Nov 27, 2013 6:39 pm

a) Designs of the Creator
b) Born from nature
c) At rates blurred, each cees
d) Divine's peached trees
e) At sleek speeds, reflected behaviors, therefore ascension
f) Detected thru saviors... & the aforementioned
g) Absorbed dimensions... God thru'a zoomed lens
h) Include the Goddess & Nao there's a union
i) That groomed 10's thru Islamic eyes
j) Legitimacy fueled due 2 platonic ties
k) Then intimacy filled the skies with stars
l) Intensity spilled as heaven & hell sparred
m) In duels where masters & czars destroyed, created
n) Nations across galaxies like they were elongated
o) Carbon-prone matrix, as ciphers spun patience
p) Buildin' statements that sway in agape tense
q) Placements on boards dictate the schemes of queens
r) As rulers effuse curves at fit pace that esteems the memes
s) The themes of teams thru knowledge of self
t) Polish the health, square root truths & acknowledge the wealth
u) Solace is felt when u n i verse epiphanies
v) Dew or dye; dispersed pic's victories
w) Grid's gist is reached... amidst mysteries astuteness roams
x) Acoustics moan earthly tones... of true conducive unknowns
y) Elusive attributes honed... the answers to life's clues shown
z) Thru a recluse the jewels glowed... thru zigzags & moves sown

farao Le00eL king

"I'm like a Shaolin Monk on Crunk" - Canibus
10-21-12 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies  Th_Feilong-alpha3-1

10-21-12 Journal Revision Mithras’s Mythographies  Tumblr_lxh1dq03uP1r9l5yoo1_r1_400

Posts : 326
Join date : 2012-05-31
Age : 44
Location : Gatlanta,Ga


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