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Le0's Quatrains

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Le0's Quatrains Empty Le0's Quatrains

Post  Le0 on Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:06 pm

2-02-13 Quatrain
Interconnected strands that pulsate pure
Thru vast territories unfolds past codes
Hues [come] fast & excel stitched stories [of] brash roles
Enter the method [of] trance [that] culminates cures

2-06-13 – 2-26-13 Quatrain
Poem brigades [of] [formed] grenades [that] fulminate murals
Weapon scans lands visible, plans unnamed
Destined & transmissible, [his] hands untamed
As lulled men paced [a] storm enraged [that] pooled [the] page cruel

3-06-13 Quatrains
Schedules, deadlines… patterns, fixedness @ 9:34pm
Balancing act, servitude… catering
Balance seemed fact, a purpose viewed… laboring @ 9:38pm
Credible, [said] signs… [An] adjourned suspicious zest @ 9:44pm

Searching [for] meaning [that’s] already prevalent
Misconstruin’, condescendin’… [Left] perplexed… @10:41pm
[The]Gist from ruin, done descendin’… [Yet] earth-less @ 10:46pm
Lurking… meaning [that’s] already evident @ 10:49pm

Obligations, sacrifices… goals sought @ 10:53pm
Chapter readings, assignments… papers due
After teachings, the lines went… data flew @ 10:58pm
Proclamations, of slack devices… flows caught @ 11:04pm

Organizing, strategizing… pensive
Note-taking, spacing… extrapolating
Coaxed painting, tracing… exact though fading @ 11:36pm
Mobilizing, characterizing… [Pen’s] pips* (specks) @ 11:47pm

4-12-13 – 4-24-13 Quatrains W.i.l.d.-L.i.f.e.
Accessing long term memory ghost-like
T_o purposely harness brain’s ardent molds
Thru circuitry formless branes are bent poles
Acts blessed bring home learned imagery most nights

Virtue breeds honest tendencies [in] volt’s light
As the So L floats-fight, the prose glows [a] pro’s flows
Amassed [the] scroll’s quotes bright… wholes posed as holes closed
Promotes verbose smite like when bolts strike

The shoals loathe when the chant’s might supplants strife
Shrewd astronomy, [as] moods phenomenally
[Spew]Deuteronomy viewed [as] [I] cruise among Qi
The roads chose, wind of pants typed… the plant’s life

In a
Energy Field

7-02-13 Quatrain
Authoring [the] sacredness of ALL chakras
Teleporting to higher frequencies
Left recordings [of] desired sequencing
Posturing from evasiveness of [ALL] locked pods

As time then becomes illusionary
Actions sorted thru [&] contained [in] portal’s tube  
Craftsman’s distorted muse [that’s] strange [in] mortal’s view
Sense perceptions become secondary

This may seem preordained when rearranged
Where past, present and futures all mesh fine
There’s amassed presence in few verves [&] texted lines
Hence may mean he’s deranged when these are trains

Of thought from brain’s scattered jots revised thru
Cosmology’s physiology while perched
Caused odysseys… bridging brow’s degrees [while] versed
Of vaults from brane’s patterned lots realized true

From morbid flicks to concordant pics
The effects mold generations [&] lifetimes
[&]Affects the whole; inner phases [&] like minds
In sum, retort is fixed [in] absorbent niche

7-20-13 Quatrain
Calligraphers find themselves [within] aesthetics
[Releasing]Inner G… as each thesis oversees
Decreasing imagery [yet] reaching over [seas]
Abridged [are] words designed [which] entails passed ethics

We [sometimes] come to orbicular conclusions
Observed are the patterns that dissipate
Emerging [are] paths discerned that imitate
[Though] [Sublime] each succumbs [to] particular intrusions

Analytical approaches [are] fraught with
[Held]Biases that stem [from] family branches
[Failed]Alliances [that] depend on seeds planted
[A]__man’s potential encroaches; those [that] fought myth

[Are]Often playing pedantic positions
In an era where information reigns
This [is] did in error… in formations strange
[An]Offerin’… relaying slanted omissions

8-03-13 Quatrains
What’s uttered, done, [&] mentally preconceived
Feeds into causations… & lost nations
Breeds spent views across patrons, faults plague suns
Mothered razed [1’s], tentatively each concedes
[As]Perceived ideologies cons the seeds
Consumption prompts a piece of the food web
[A] Deficient lump sum, appeased by rude ebbs
Clean slates become dis-ease [from] prolonged misleads
[Foregone]Misdeeds end weeks in pews [prayin’] 2 mysteries
The premise suggests we should be learning
Yet [t_o] exist request we should be earning
This leads [2] fixed creeds, [makin’] ends meet in lieu [of] bliss [or] peace

Is it [just] me or is this disconcerting
8-15-13 Quatrains
Incorporating polarizing specs…
Forecasting or casting from shore’s vast spring
Lore’s foreshadowing underscores clad beams
In cultivating solarizing pecks…

Vocalizing text: life’s sounds of silence…
Forecasting or casting from shore’s vast spring
Lore’s foreshadowing underscores clad beams
Ultraviolet sets; light drowns [my] guidance…

Flight bounded by reliance… as lines twitch  
Forecasting or casting from shore’s vast spring
Lore’s foreshadowing underscores clad beams
Heights surmounted by defiance… timed hitch

Confines bent… in intimate proportions
Forecasting or casting from shore’s vast spring
Lore’s foreshadowing underscores clad beams
Sunshine splints… with prism-sent distortions

Drifts wisdom sent in portions as shores hum…
Forecasting or casting from shore’s vast spring
Lore’s foreshadowing underscores clad beams
Adrift [an] endless wisp; bliss in decors numbed…

8-21-13 Quatrains Understanding Balance pt. I
My evolutionary approach is
Dualistically ascertained &
Fueled specifically [thru] pacts pertained… scanned
My revolutionary encroachments

That invokes prints dolce… like tasting pears
Dualistically ascertained &
Fueled specifically [thru] pacts pertained… scanned
Tinged quotes [that] hint of [a] whole phase [despite] defacing pairs

Erasing snares… replacing stairs with flights
Dualistically ascertained &
Fueled specifically [thru] pacts pertained… scanned
Retracing heirs… effacing [in] cares, insights

[And]In sites, flares [singe] plights… impinge philosophies
Dualistically ascertained &
Fueled specifically [thru] pacts pertained… scanned
Planned… when sight’s [shared]: hinged heights [that] end atrocities
Yet the challenge examined is understanding balance…

11-18-13 Quatrains
Outlooks tout hooks whether Nao or later
Aged conveyor, seasoned in dishing lines
[A]Page sautéed for reasons when fishing signs
[Of]Spout books as thesis expounds on craters

Like sounds from faders found on turntables
Explosive wholes flowed like hypnosis slowed  
Down… where the Host is G.O.L.D., verboseness scrolled
Light drowns psalm’s papers [of] renowned burned fables

farao Le00eL king

"I'm like a Shaolin Monk on Crunk" - Canibus
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