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Le0's Sunnets

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Le0's Sunnets Empty Le0's Sunnets

Post  Le0 on Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:11 pm

2-02-13-2-06-13 Sunnet (English) Rounding Basis-Bases
*Begin Cycle*
[Gallbladder: Wood Energy Yang Organ]
[Liver: Wood Energy Yin Organ]
(Must focus the eyes, remove all anger…)
Remembering memories
Declamations of paved destinations…centered thru
Reentering inner leads
Explorations of staged treks in phrased tinge… tenure’s hue
[Heart: Fire Energy Yin Organ
Small Intestine: Fire Energy Yang Organ]
(Must purify the message center…)
[Pericardium: Fire Energy Yin Organ]
[Triple Burner: Fire Energy Yang Organ]
(Stay focused on healing anxiety, depression in the e-motional body; maintain your Inner G…)
The logged inclinations
Often paged textual
Of gall’s augmentations
Assaults of a crazed intellectual
[Stomach: Earth Energy Yang Organ]
[Spleen: Earth Energy Yin Organ]
(Prepare Earth Elements for food intake, no worries…)
When loops are played at raised decimals
Aloft… the phase intellect induced
Jewels spruced in ‘a variation of ways effectible
Drift off in ‘a daze when evanesce ensued
[Lung: Metal Energy Yin Organ]
[Large Intestine: Metal Energy Yang Organ]
(Breathe in “Yin”, Breathe out “Yang”, alleviate grief & sadness…)
These, Peachtree pitches… in sneaky revisions
Read Petri dishes: in weekly decisions…
[Bladder: Water Energy Yang Organ]
[Kidney: Water Energy Yin Organ]
(No f.e.a.r.)
*End Cycle*
[F.E.A.R. false emergences appearing reeled]

2-19-13 Sunnet (Italian)
Intervene, only when appropriate…
Sometimes it takes many lifetimes for proper discerning
Summed lines dictates in me lifelines or a lot of learning
The mentor weened; only then a po’ laureate

Vent or dream, lonely in approached covets
From vines bits shape grimly light’s shine, or a proctor’s yearning
Glum signs, fixed fates when we cite time your watcher’s ticked journey
Inward means, atoning in reproached effects

This calamity, of shame implanted deep
Varies in what is taught, what we leak, in steady tact
It’s possible to hinder someone’s aim

In this vanity came insanity
Every thought, what we speak, in every act
Maybe fit, even logical to render someone vain

3-04-13 Sunnet (English) Finish Hymn!
Replenish my drive
Because purgatory’s entering peripheries
Each sentence I scribe
The log’s perch of stories inferring horrific cleaves

That satisfaction of simplicity often alluded to
From vexed degrees, when etched in complexities
A callused caption of dim density lost & exuded thru
Comes regressed decrees… enmeshed in qualmish dis-ease

Unless this means I’m less indeed
Rewards for discord makes for a blemished image
Context is cleaned, mind’s mesh in deeds
Remorse or accord makes for a winless finish

Until there’s ethos of equals, my ambition’s not replenished
Until there’s picot of people, my planned mission’s not finished

3-07-13 Sunnet (Italian)
Escape artist,
Absconding, pondering…
Gab’s bonding, fondue rummaging
Agape, ardent…

This fate, posits…
A past wanting, wandering…
The grasp daunting, thundering
This trait, tarnished…

Usually subdued
Out of touch with,
The way world moves

The usual me, but shrewd
Out of touch with
The day’s world views

3-07-13 Sunnet (English)
Them nu-nu’s… from brown, blonde to jet-black hair
The passion’s there, yet rationed rare
Fashion’s there, yet objectified when bare
Slim in new views… African bound & beyond time 2 get back there

Get back where? You know, place where the faces shape-shift
& take trips when mates drift, faceless in a makeshift spaceship
Where it’s okay to shake hips, create clips, relate quips, predate myths
Yea get back here, before pseudo, a pace fared traceless, shaped with

Day’s clay, as her verism paves way
Cataclysms from world’s ragged system
Affects this curvy girl in a strange fray
Like shattered prisms thru jerk’s derisions yet massive in wisdom
Stripped of inner beauty by fascism
She equipped with centered jewelry, like a flash sent’em

4-22-13 Sunnet (Italian) Software Robots
The eye magically defies gravity
Mechanical hues; mindfulness of sprawled haulers
The amicable lines of zest, love’s wall-crawlers
My majesty; reprised cavity
Of sporadic seeds, a devised pageantry
The manual’s chimes viewed best thru appalled callers
__Man can conclude thru times of stress the log’s harbors
A revised tragedy; _he replies gradually…
So off where flow plots
As uploads back then
Grow with info, in the end though
The Software Robots
Clashed as those jacked in
Glow within, though innuendo

6-26-13 Sunnet (English) Crab Nebula 1054: Psychotherapy
The reservoir’s replications
Concordant postulations…
The repertoire’s meditations
Spawn the sun’s morbid oscillations…

Averaging fam’… then bedazzling crabs
His head bred nebula from relic’s love
Battering RAM when he’s battling gabs
This lead pegged editor from fretted lulls

Among conjectures the don lectures
Nod in agreement, revisiting places the Qi went
Succumb to one’s specters the shen’s textured
Gnaw when the speech sent, envision schemes ageless yet recent

Of anecdotes wild, indecent
The antidote while in treatment

7-02-13 Sunnet (Italian)
In response to the day’s stimulus
Supposed processes administer & can manipulate data
Those lost messages that had endless curves & can infiltrate matter
Durin’ the brunt of today’s dwindled crux

Portend amongst ruse; the dazed inference
Or closed vaults & crevices of adventurer’s plan, which insinuates plaster
Forming droves, thoughts are relished yet mad when it’s blurred; an intergraded chapter
Shortened, the jump concludes the phrased blend per tense

Through the vast regions
Of time-space
I ceased every range in secrets
Renewed the past credence
The mind’s rates
Eye C’s everything in sequence

7-15-13 Sunnet (English) Darwinian Y.E.C. (caricature)
A beginning middle & ending
It takes a quaintness to paint this
A beginning, middle & ending
Wits dictate the ancients so taintless

An ending middle & beginning
Too dilapidated in the lab where gab’s created
An ending middle & beginning
Thru paths related, life’s math’s a radius inflated

An ending beginning in the middle
We’re really not … being clear here are we…
An ending beginning in the middle
Appeared silly plots: beings jeered linear parts, si?

_No_, the middle begins then ends
Know, the riddle ends then begins

Amoeba! Amoeba! Underlay!
{Darwinian Young Earth Creationism}

7-20-13 Sunnet (Italian)
Purposely culminate inner g’s that fulminate
& enter pores, lines certified; imprimatur
Pennin’ scores of designs that merge 2 sides; Minotaur
Verses be full of shapes & centered schemes that mural fate

Plural states… purposive like its different versions
Under morbid torment the ordnance comes from orbit’s orchids
Swords morph proportionate for dormant when moves are tortoise
Duel of traits… recursive type its different verbs spun

Moniker’s Persian, admonishin’ pics from’a dramatist
Astonishin’ skits of nobility
In droves spiritually that aim strong; phalanx

Monitor the words drawn, platonic fits done dumb as sh*t
From rummages surfaced validity
Enclosed lyrically were Fei-Long’s strange clones

8-03-13 Sunnet (English)
Desensitized interims
Shatterproof wavelengths
Synchronized pendulums
Antenna looped swayed links

Meridian point graphing
Cyclical peripheral
Perigean: joint passing
Mystical lift, here we go

Sirius symmetry
Tai-chi maneuvers
Delirious imagery
Pie-tree peculiars

Circumference completed
Circumvented, defeated

8-03-13 Sunnet (Italian)
The auras of family & friends
Whether chemically induced
Numerical or spiritually spruced
Kin descend as I ascend thru astral winds

As bioenergetics tinged canopies within
Embedded grooves rhythmically looped
Perpetual yet limiting when grouped
Cobwebs kick in as my trip ends… letting past views blend

The collective flicker
Seen when they all merge
This creates a shaped tenure
The detected figure
A scene when they all served
As I awake innate to the Great Center

8-03-13 Sunnet (English)
Etch peace; a variance in what’s sketched reaps
Dart tactician with words
Chef bleach; awareness hands thrust techniques
Acupuncture-pic practitioner

Tract incisions curved unorthodox
Facilitate flight paths with typed math
Exact in visions surged when morphed 4 plots
Demonstrate heights graphed wi_th sites halved

Light’s valve equipped with slick schemes
Legit with the slits when hit this stings
Shift scenes, as myth seams the lit mimics split screens
Discreet rubric spooled sick that depicts guillotines

In fixed memes I chamber dance awkward within an indeterminate vortex
Stitch dreams ranged in strands & arc words that urge assertiveness b4 the scores mesh

8-16-13 Sunnet (Italian) Geodesics
Practicing criteria enables
Meridian efficiency euphonically when heard…
With chameleon tendencies grooved honestly when spurred
Attracting Jing’s contrived mirror of strength‘s tables…

A cinch fabled, yet done purposeless; geodesics gone wrong
The lama’s lungs inhales breeze then exhales peace
Thalamus spawns; Intel’s seized, yet not compelled 2 smell peace
The advent labeled zest on surfaces; Le0’s ethics honed long…

Of poems prone to Stationary states
“Timeee keeps on slippin’ slippin’…”
Pointing towards eternity…
Love’s poems drawn on stationery slates
“Timeee keeps on slippin’ slippin’…”
Pointing towards eternity….

8-19-13- 8-20-13 Sunnet (English) Sum-Over-Paths*
Mental acuity…
The less ego the better
Stenciled maturity…
The less ego the better

The letter: Treat people as equal
Suggesting objectivity in daily ventured activities…
The ledger… which speaks in contrast of peepholes
Suggesting objectivity in daily ventured activities…
E- Mocean…

Offset’s retold proclivities of the way we interact quizzically
Intrinsic are the messages our organs communicate…
An auspice bestowed spiritedly; the way of each inward act physically
Intrinsic are the messages our organs communicate…
E- Mo-Shen…

So then, ruminate… this thing coined e-motion
So thin, yet can illuminate… this thing coined e-mocean

SOME claim E- Mo- Shen explains everything…
Sum- over-paths: Formulation of quantum mechanics in which particles are envisioned to travel from one point to another along all possible paths between them.

8-21-13 Sunnet (Italian)
These vast degrees of tapestries
The heart beats of ngomas…
Of art pieced… grubbed poems of
Paths retrieved from past retreats

Clasp these peaks of dojo program’s pugilism
Strength conditioning
Thru myth’s munitioning
Those flowed slams spewed in wisdom…

Viewed in Islam with a wicked right cross in faconnes
Written in percentages concerning rheology
Forays for days portrayed in sways

That often fascinates
Relearning theology
Cordate when grazed

11-14-13 Sunnet (English) John Locke’s/Zen Lox2 (liquid oxygen)
Continuous cycles… that revert to clean slates
Sorta like John Locke’s developmental theory
An endless crux rivaled; from birth 2 dirt we cling pace
Sorta like Zen lox; an elemental query

Of developed mentals _erie… opening doors with key’s creations
Sorta like John Locke’s developmental theory
Enveloping scores that switch speeds then phase in
Sorta like Zen lox; an elemental query

With rare utensils near me… I packed what was once bagged
Sorta like John Locke’s developmental theory
From the nuance of rockin’ a dunce cap 2 lunch from’a launch pad
Sorta like Zen lox; an elemental query

Still: when these streams of consciousness become great lakes & oceans
Steel: when these streams of consciousness become great lakes & oceans

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