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Le0's Limericks

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Le0's Limericks Empty Le0's Limericks

Post  Le0 on Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:22 pm

2-02-13 (Sub) Limericks
Multifaceted in merits
Multitaskin' fetches’ in credits
These circadian episodes
[Of]Reprieves served vaguely grim in epic folds
Tumultuously classic in essence

2-06-13 (Sub) Limericks
Development comes in foregone segments
Intelligence is spun then prolonged in said vents
Hatred succumbs & becomes dilapidated
Spray pics response, these crumbs build what the math created
In relevance his palms then fringe upon infrared plinths

3-05-13 (Sub) Limericks
If serenity must arrive subliminally
Myth’s words clinically, prescribe love chemically
Romancing the stoned digitally when roamed fields encrypt wizardry
Koan dancing along fidgety in zones filled with imagery
Sift attentively thru what’s surmised intrinsically

Of an ever-changin’ auspice of lost scripts
Dubbed bland, yet clever rangin’ mosh pits of washed zilch
What’s seemingly found there; sobbed ebbs
The crux of scenery down there, cobwebs
Hoverin’… never chained in losses of false slips
If pinged, the pics blend a bean of scenes he seethes  
It seemed, if in a scheme of streamed requiems
Kinda like dying in a state of dyeing plans but not even trying
The kind of write vying for its stake at dining & whatnot seen in timing
Esteemed, within a theme of dreamed regimes…

4-08-13 – 4-10-13 (Sub) Limericks 3396815
These, intrapersonal interchanges
Seeds… of interpersonal centered ranges
Steeped pre-scribing flicker techniques
Deep sea diving quicker depths reached
At ease… the entered personal rendered anguish

Of splendor aimless, this texted brain fizz painted
The sender’s nameless; bliss explained yet it’s tainted
Supposed from those long held attachments & worldly ways  
The doldrums prolonged… detached stints & pearls he phrased
Love’s bent chord of exclaimed rest; his trek’s grids 2 paint with

Quaint myths, that aint fit 2 rank filth… my odes of an angled pained wedge
Drank fifths, that aint fit 2 rank guilt; my scroll’s a tangled language
Of fantastic bolts, that reacts like acid strokes
Plan’s drastic jolts that be fact…like Akashic pulse
Need restraints if that paint hit’s you frank with eyes closed… the hand’s dangled insane hedge

7-03-13 (Sub) Limericks L_unch Pad
Demonstrating vivid features
The khana is imitating spirit teachers
Each starts stage as an edifice
Then parts ways with plans to evanesce
Ventilating tidbits of ether

Amidst distorted joys
Comes rhapsodies of echoic voids
A summoned focalization
Done in vocal libations
Admixing reported ploys

Fraught with mystic jaunts
Thoughts eclipse his twisted wants
A captivating montage
Reactivating one’s barrage
Of onslaughts equipped with encrypted flaunts

A gifted dunce
With intrinsic stunts
Lost within angled blasé blahs
Often depicting Shangri-Las
This is Myth’s drifted launch

(Sub) Limericks 7-21-13 Pen-Chants (Buridan’s Ass)
Versed glints sent in states of niftiness
Thirst-quenched amidst rates of spiffy cress
Its trippy text 4 the malnourished
Switched each sect & forged what Tao furnished
Perverse stints lent when pace shows emptiness

Of vows earnest rare like kunzites
High off life, eye stair with roof sight
Moot right, apologies if rude the mood’s a yuga
Your views are rood too; so tool’s a Ruger
What’s plowed earns less; asinine like poon’s tight

In tune with the moon’s light, odd; I’m so gyral
In tombs he rooms writes… with styles so vital
Damn near viral when fluidity prompts stillness
Plans appear idle; yet in flew imagery & staunched illness
What ensues; a lift-vroom-flight… God but I’m no idol

Demonstrating shades of vraisemblance
Imitating grades of aged inference
A played resemblance to runlets
This paged remembrance to sunsets
Reiterating frays of the day’s penchants

8-05-13 (Sub) Limericks Levels pt. III
Level 1
Chants bellow thru alien ear buds
Plants mellow mood like Arcadian geared floods
Sippin’ citrus flavored green teas
Stints in vistas layered; its themes please
As scant echoes grew salient in veered thuds
Myth’s creeds plead compassion
This exceeds each vestige rationed
Daily bread meditations turn N2 time warps of
Vaguely pledged mesmerizations sent thru blind sculptors
Flipped feeds bleed attraction
Level 2
Rewind sculpture to a future pulsar
Kept the sword stored for
Galactic battling
Protracted patterning
With designed vultures 2 induce preferred culture
The worded sulfur of distinct vibrations
Succinct migrations
Adjusting neurotransmitters
A just scheme thru those entranced pillars
The brink of my creations

Level 3
Time’s wastin’… the previous me
Aligned adjacent… deviously
I follow thru a marked corridor
Scenes hollow & stark with boarded doors
Mind escapes then proceeds tediously
Seein’ it’s me I gape at the entrances
Vehemently I infiltrate the premises
Mundane pictures rotate memories like synergy
Some frames skip absurd at slow rates despite imagery
Conveniently I indicate what the premise is

Level 4
This is me in a dream state yet awake
Maybe it’s a meme in a stringed trait yet agape
Direct links to hidden impulses stitched
Effects sink deep within the cortex’s midst
Vivid scenes render streams that elate
Somewhere between lucid & conducive
From there each screen is exclusive & reclusive
Recollections switch up the perception
Childhood sections, pics of us per second
A known lair it seems elusive like a vibe in music

Level 5
Satori sets in then I lose it… dimensions emerge stretched
2 the extent comes an averseness
Yet Rubicon in the worst context
I am truly calm in the search conquest
In the event this is done in versed treks

11-16-13 (Sub) Limericks Levels pt. II
Level 6
Treks turn 2 trances
Spek bombards the masses
Eyes glowin’, fingers quivering
Pi’s form when zinger’s fill the screen
A setting of shards from masked dens  
Mirroring past tense forebodings
The door’s closing… lord’s molding
Stored abodes bring codes containing
Genetic gnomes known from training
Painting wards of hordes with scrolled wings
Level 7
Data flies in fatal glides
Plato’s side when fable dives
Periodic table’s tithes emit an ethos
I visit this threshold be it inept modes
Ratios arrive when payloads collide
Where gray odes reside, becoming radial shots of blots blasted
Like radio slots podcasted
Collisions drastic yet far worst,
Are starbursts that jar hertz
Galactic…now allotted what vast is
Level 8
Lucidness… from past masters
Elusiveness… from passed chapters
Dichotomies stem from confounding stares
Philosophies hinge upon sum’s spiraling stairs
Conducive pecks from classed snatchers
Alas grasped raptures, entering a majestic tinge pacin’
Rememberin’ exit sensations
Inner G when it moves
Symmetries of finished grooves
Reentering pleasant sent stations
Level 9
Attained thru heaven-scent grades sown astral
Masterful, honed classical
Wormholes pinpoint earliest DNA strands
Turned those penned points courteous, seen in relayed plans
Amassed thru spools, shown graphical
With cloned attributes, mutant mind frames
Prudent thru climbed planes
Inner dimensions of the bizarre calculated
When premonitions are amalgamated
That seam congruent with vine’s range
Level 10
Line’s angst, REMedies riddle these…
Memory-filled soliloquies
Causality’s scenography  
Caused actually by things screened oddly
Mere cinematography, of rendering ->billed abilities
From fiscal stability to pretentious stances
Escaping each instance in unconscious dances
Reshaping lands where slants tilt
From shaking hands enhanced were rants spilt
I awake from trance N2 dreams of relentless glances

11-22-13 “The River Chart” (Confucianism Program)
Spiritual realms turn N2 shrines spun
Reciprocal helms adjourn, sent thru lines slummed
Shines spawned, sight’s rare… skill’s served
From _night mares I build/surge
Chessboard or silver; in a_cord when fruits thrive-bond
Contrived ponds, the hummed notes from land’s citizenry
Elder’s hands… liquid qi; delved in trance vividly
Planned calligraphy of scanned antiquity; a sage or relater of embers
A stage or theatre for streaked winters: the freeze-plays 4 peaked Decembers
This frees/aids each member… as the pawn’s moceans sprung tranquility

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