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T_nka Beans/Tonka(Tanka)Beans

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T_nka Beans/Tonka(Tanka)Beans Empty T_nka Beans/Tonka(Tanka)Beans

Post  Le0 on Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:33 pm

8-13-12 T_nka Beans
Ongoing efforts
Thru syllables, paths emerge
Born are words bonded
Generating overviews
Under maximized maxims

2 communicate
Timeless material built
Fo_r deconstruction
When life’s cycles manifest
Rejoice in growing, changing

The throne of your essence
2 synchronize harmony
G-d’s concepts reside
Within everything, nothing
Understanding’s precepts shown

Gardens of Eden_
2 understand = _ power/equality
Infinite, zeniths
4ever, limitations
The dualities of life

T_nka Beans 8-17-12- 8-21-12
Half the cipher
Scientific Paradise
Mathematic chambers
Multiply equality
[Or] One-hundred eighty degrees

The illumined Self
Reaching each realm’s Enlightenment
Gives the soul freedom
[A] Reassurance of purpose
Archiving destinations

Fathom the phantom
Of knowledge & wisdom, that
Helps understanding
[The] Creator’s cloaking device
Defining life; progression

What the [wise] y’s equal
Masquerade in hueman form
Aspects in____ wisdom
Deviously revealing
Everything in All facets

8-25-12 T_nka Beans
Reveal_ hidden truths
Inner G manifesting
The knowledge of self
Initiated thru love
The profound experience

Realms of___ nothingness
Visions of plurality
Melds complete circles
A unified connection
Seeing All as one plus two

Where thoughts morphed emerge
Swim inside unconscious depths
1 reality
[With] inexplicable prospects
[The] Streams of objectivity

Warped int_o spaces
Defined thru light, reflecting
All__ experienced
Perpetuates radiance
Depending on your soul’s standing

8-27-12 Tonka/Tanka Beans
The essence of what’s perceived
[Consider] Possibilities
Process of syadvada* (Many-sidedness of reality)
Be allergic to limits

[My] Ideal perspectives
A simplified unison
[Now] Fo_rward this future
Rewind _our tomorrows
Running N2 love again

_my___ pair ‘a dices
Includesigns of clarity
Powerful in pacts
[When] Combined, powerful impacts
Recluse in clues eye design

[This] Corresponds with truth
Unlim_ited radiance
Picture quality
Or picture equality
Inner G amassed & fused

8-29-12 T_nka Beans
Stems from Ailanthus
Whole perfections in glimpses
The domain of G-d
Systematically built
[2] Be destroyed & born again

There is no thing there
Eye Al_ready checked B4
__building the destroyed
A continuous pattern
The parallel of life lived

The embarkation
Beyond hueman perception
Between eight & ten
Born [were] concepts made manifest
[The] Travelling, creating, Self

_light [f]illed cognitions
Expanding capacities
[The] Completed ciphers
Or, [the] collective consciousness
We are outlined divineness

9-01-12 Tonka/Tanka Beans
Distinctive symbols
Drifting in dualities
Of knowledge dreamt
Hinting [towards] absolutism
Reconfigure your worldview

_evolving thru doors
_each entry paves paths endless
[The] Eccentric windows
[That] Transmit heavenly signals
Thru [an] earthly correspondence

Providing footage
_notion’s force of purity
From understanding
A Descartes undertone
[The] Objective, subjectively

A gradual flux
Pair ‘a graffs assimilate
Freedom’s gift of gab
Placing mocean [2] pics & sound
[When] Hidden jewels resonate

9-13-12 Tonka/Tanka Beans
His_tory, himself
Plethora’s of humble frames
Harmony refined
Having unlim_ited scenes
Develop in Heaven’s realms

In its lawless forms
Inking infinite pictures
__Is twice equaling
Osiris’s intentions
[The] Inclinations born-again

Jovial approach
Joining all there is as 1
[The] Journeys end wi_th G-d
Begin, [and] then end… joyously
The electric jolts of love

Know thyself, stay keen
Residing in kingdoms built
Deleted Karma
A kart for [the] Divine’s dispatch
An even keel [in] messaging

9-13-12 T_nka Beans
_no_ lim_itations
Lasting impressions leave trails
Shine light thru rebirth
Hereditarily loaned
The gift we live in; [the] present

Original __man
Manifesting illusions
Make-shifted prophets
For mere profits [&] selfish gains
What really matters does not

Now we multiply
Power’s in numbers, vivid
What the future [k]nows
Narrated thru projections
Creating numinous fields

The omnipresence
U N I versal ordinance
Forms two, or-bits
Of unbound continuums
The bainary rebuttal

9-15-12 – 9-20-12 T_nka Beans
Continuous peace
One times understanding portrayed
Knowledge plus wisdom
The many facets of math
Global communication

Quantitative views
Fo_rseen quests visualized
The quiet brane storms
Indefinite choices seen
Once we let go [of] attachments

Blockage removal
Love’s revelation’s revealed
Power, refinement
Reminiscing, recalling
My reasons for my being

Too scintillating
The abode of the serene
Shined on as equals
My dreamt imagery, seeking
That which seemed so far away

_Enter, timelessness
Traveling towards endless light
Answers; All__ that is
The purifying fire
These sun rays of tiered insight

9-30-12 T_nka Beans
Depths of unison
Unraveling mysteries
Undetermined 8’s
Unchartered territory
Underneath is [your] core being

Multiple versions
Voices of thy ancestors
Born victorious
Thru vigorous happenings
We return [to] vitality

Sense perception warped
Escaping thru looped wormholes
Circular wavelengths
Vibrating are words released
That wisp with each thought conjured

Wu Xing Xiang
He Xie Ren Lei
Born again (X)/unknown
Meditate [for] Xiu Lian
Xing Gong [for] spiritual channels

9-30-12 Tanka Beans/Tonka Beans
Hyper speed yogis
To All__ the youths, like builds like
Life infinite, (Y)’s
Year 2 of 10, Tao training
The yearn to purify Self

Zen stimulation_
Three-hundred sixty zeniths
Zoom in lens towards G-d
Methods [of] Zhi Neng Medicine
Thus, zhong wei shi, shi wei zhong

All__ praise ___ Almighty
Healing afflictions thru trance
___ (6) Sick’s affirmations
Alleviating all stress
Allocating earned virtue

Align both heart, mind
[Then] Blend together with the soul
Clear brilliance refined
A benign approach towards each
Step in breaking free of bonds
10-14-12 T_nka Beans
Hence, continuum/continue Om
A simplified climate formed
Free from chained mind-states
The worded cataclysms
Flooding [pages] centrally

Deemed meditation
Is Divine understanding
[In] Eleven degrees (dimensions)
Doors 2 the source are revealed
Find out which determines fate

Elucidate truths
Constant flux of the edified
Elate chakras twice
[As] Inner G moves ecstatic
Auras engage [in] positives

[The] Past, present, future
Fact or knowledge reigns supreme
In formations staged

Fruition is achieved thru
Fairness & acts [of] compassion

10-21-12 T_nka Beans
Gravitate towards love
G.O.L.D. servants fertilize s.o.i.l.s.
Gradual growth/loops
Proposed geniality
Advocated thru Good deeds

[See] Layers of Heaven
Re_lized in harnessed brainwaves
Conceived in harvest
Consciousness seeds hone karma
& help cleanse future events

Imbued integers
An aura of infancy
Is__ flow[er] reversed
Immersed then dispersed throughout
All-inclusive galaxies

Jah’s tribe’s alliance
Cosmic jongleurs impending
Jah’s guidance of peace
[The] Junctions worth remembering
While Amidst the jaundice vibes

10-23-12 T_nka Beans
Imagine kingdoms
Kinetically innergized
[A] Known equivalence
Preserving an even keel
Kick-starting sight beyond sites

Laws of attraction
The hidden treasures of love
[These] [Are] Supreme lines, refreshed
Clean slates obtained thru loving
Life, seeing everything [as] Self

Mythic deities
The mental reservations
Marginal entries
Mere words, with implied meanings
Who decides [the] meaning’s context?
Comfortable numb
Of truths, [that] lead to nirvana
Next, [is] understanding
That state, which never happens
When [the] obvious truth [is] nearest

10-29-12 Tanka/Tonka Beans
Opening channels
T_o realizations once lived
_otherwise opaque
Mainly `cause of blockages
[Located] In the soul, mind, or body

Divine prescriptions
Forecast; photosynthesis
Proverbial acts
Whether nourishment provides
What’s pertinent, depending [on]

Quantum soul-stirring (awakening)
Quicken your meridians
Queue*: the sole purpose *(after peace)
Try going into [the] quiet
[To] Find the quantitative you

[The] Realm [of] Divinity
[The] Essence of [your] realized Center
[Kinda] [like] womb restoration
Being reincarnated
Cleansed, made anew thru research

11-02-12 Tanka/Tonka Beans (The Houses of Wu Shi Kong)
Seeking serene sights
[The] embodiment of sakti* (female principle, power energy)
Grasp [the] pen’s successions
Or compute keyboard’s [typed] signals
Signifying [All] as equals

Dual time travelers
The theory of everything’s step
Freethinker’s feats [pre]scribed
[The] Travails of defying time
Of archived themes & events

[Like] Underground railways
An ulterior mind state
[Of] Gifts purely uttered
[Myth’s] Train of thought understood as
Modular ubiquity

[The] Trained vernacular_
Vehemently calming seas (C’s)
Born [with] upside down views
& [a] vacillating approach
Hence, the Vitruvian man

Pas_wor_ds were written
Wailing… streams of consciousness
Inn 2 wells [of] 7’s
Dyeing within each chakra
The Houses of Wu Shi Kong* (No time, No space)

11-10-12 T_nka Beans
[As] X-Rays penetrate…
Blessed [is] the illumined… Xiu* (purification)
[When] [We] Increase/Xiao Tao* (small Tao)
[Adjust] vision, x-radiation

Thru All__ yawl orb-its
[Rests] The yearning for soul cleansing
Revisit your futures
Attainable thru yogic
Practices…start with your heart…

Zephyr’s influence
Bai-nary, knowledge-zero
M_thRa, the Zeitgeist* (time spirit)
[These] [Are] Pseudo-coded programs [from] Zang
[My] Impulse-related zazen

E=moceans/Emoceans equal…
The abyss of aligned time
*Au revoir, again… (Until we meet again)
Live life as seen fit, while we
Prepare for [the] next adventure

11-11-12 T_nka Beans
Botanic gardens
The balance of inner G’s
4 * 2 buil d is spelled
L-O-V-E; bolster this…
& life bares its many truths

Cache’s conveyance
*Cogito, ergo sum… now (I think, therefore I exist)
Gee Owe Di creates
Continuums of endless
Paradise, crafted [thru] feeling

Drifting towards mirrors/mere roars
A divine course in seeing
Deities’ degrees
[Only] Because we [choose] duality
[There] [Is] Discord [amongst] [the] lion, lioness

Exponent air roars
An era-less Eros forced
[As]Perceived errors less[en]
We each embody [the] body
[Of] An outlined exuberance…

1-21-13 T_nka Beans
Affluent fragrance
*Fiat lux… so seeds lead us (Let there be light) (Latin)
Foreword Uhuru (oo hooroo)
The freshness of streamed concepts
Articulated through fauns

Pleasure’s galleries
Generation I’s guidebook
[The]Grids of cognizance
Plugged into All__ galaxies
Gathering from [Source] database
Truth’s healing unveiled
Layered hemisphere[s] of plans
Heaven’s experience
Or when 1 melds with 2, hence
Could be [a]happenstance [or] designed

Record’_ intention_
Construed itinerary
Infinite knowledge
Inconclusive reckonings
Illegitimate brain waves

1-23-13 T_nka Beans
[A]Journalist’s journey
Joins t_ogether All__ there Is__
Jing of codes circled
Justifying likelihoods
[A] Jabberwocky’s prudent aim

[T_o]Unlock realms, keynotes
Equated an even keel
[The]Cause/effect, [of] kernels
Logically seen [as] keenness

When doors [&] paths lead [to] Tao
Literature reveals this
Schemed [as] living vessels
Deemed a literal threshold
Literally, I guess sew

In [a] world [of] metaphors
Universal laws meld t.o.e.s.* (theory of everything sought)
__Maneuvered footpaths (=)
Life’s math manipulated
Love’s mask reiterated

1-23-13 Tonka/Tanka Beans
Nostrums of the drum [Nostrums fo_r programs]
Needles rotate the planets
Sways/Swayed pure nebula
[My]Mind’s nanotechnology
[A]Transference [in] nanoseconds

_Omens within [r]ates/ [h]eights
_Outweigh_ [the] [t]able’s (of) conten[t]s
Of_ li_beration
[Or]Libation, [of] liquefied page[s]
On experimented phase[s]

[Of]Parallelism’s climax
He Sifts* thru, passim*
2 Use gift & move pass them
Placidity ensues when

We question shen’s quest
[These]Sentences of the quiescence…
[Or]Quotes [among] quiet [are] wisdom…
Ardently [shown] [wi_th] quadrants in them
Quadratures defined [in] prisms

1-26-13 T_nka Beans
[In]Hindsight, retrospect
Reflections of shells in Tao
Inspired [the] [w]ritings
[The]Reinforced remembrance
[A] Route worth experiencing

Satiric impulse_
Soliloquies of silence
[An]Elliptic séance_
Served unconditionally
Soothing those moments of doubt

[The]Butterfly Theorist
[Playing]Tribal drum patterns [that] vibrate
Toward frequencies [un]born
A tumultuous pattern…

Utopia’s depth[s]
The Lion’s ululation[s]
Unscathed or poisonous
Unrestrained [or] often solemn
[To]Build or destroy; the premise

1-26-13 Tonka/Tanka Beans
Vivid thought patterns
Travel aboard the vortex
Vis a Vis God/Goddess
Training [the] psyche [thru] visuals

Warped int_o purpose_
Scenic stages, wired sheets
(Eyes) I’s dictate [the] windows
When discerned, Heaven appears
Wavering so brilliantly…

X* Is__ axis (unknown)
Interact Xiu Lian* (purification practice)
Endowed between Xu* (emptiness)
[Or]Maybe xenogenesis
Mythologies’ trite xystus…

[We]Yearn fo_r Enlightenment
Create you[r] eyedeal train[s]
[To]Stop Yin Guo Chan Shen* (Karma controls you, no freedom)
The magi’s yagi [when] light’s sent
Yielding exponentially

1-27-13 Tonka/Tanka Beans
[When]Views Zhi Zhi Da Tao*
Third-eye [does] Zhen Zhen Jing Xiang*
Since/Sense Yong Cun Dao Zhong*
The goal is [to] Yu Dao He Zhen*
For this can Zhuan Hua Ren Sheng*

[Accessed]Vague apparitions
Aged beyond sense perception
[These]Shrewd astral bodies
Are now detected & seen
Each time any channel is [opened]

[These]Inklings [of] boundlessness
[Become]Drawn barrels submerged in light
[This]Balance [of] scholastics
Builds bridges [towards] unchartered realms
[What’s]Discovered brings clarity

[My]Space calisthenics
Traveling among clangors
[The]Ceased nihility
Demonstrates clearly no thing
Causing everything perceived

Zhi Zhi Da Tao* (jr jr dah dow-Directly come to Tao)
Zhen Zhen Jing Xiang* (jun jun jing shyahng-see real images)
Yong Cun Dao Zhong* (yawng tsoon dow jawng-these images always exist within Tao)
Yu Dao He Zhen* (yu dow huh jun-meld with Tao)
Zhuan Hua Ren Sheng* (jwahn hwah wren shung-transform a human being’s life)

2-02-13 T_nka Beans
Dilated befores [formed]
[In]Dealt nuances preconceived
__Scribe_ determinants
Documenting paradigms
Disclosing growth in stages

[A]Vernal equinox
[The]Endless perpetuity
[Of]Seasonal expeditions
An ever evolving pulse

[Try]Spirit times fluid…
[C]/Sea, times flue… time’s flo_tation
These… Times flew fa_ther
Upon framing [my] frame of mind
[His]Multiplicity, fashioned

[While]Concocting glimmers
Or [the] seeded genealogy
[Of]Garlands equalized
Grouped, from moment to moment
Are gems once perceived as such

2-03-13 Tonka/Tanka Beans
Heirs of affluence
The impaired hypothesis
Hinged upon [is] pure taste
[A]Hybridism [of] lessons learned
Verbalized haphazardly

[My]Poised immunity
[Done] [Thru]Illuminating mantras
[When] [We]Choose incipience
Instilled [is] [the] propensity [to] grow
Becoming impartial [bai] choice

[Once]Provoked jolts affect
[The]Jargon’s plausibility
[Results] [Conclude]Rational jumbles
[Or]Perhaps jelled collocations
[An]Ongoing jigsaw puzzle

[These]Knitted grids infused
Kismets _angled mentally
[The]Much kneaded prudence
The knottiest revealer
[When]Knittable is datum’s aim

2-05-13 T_nka Beans
[A]Glaring latency
[Of]Injected ledgers spinning…
[The]Log’s 1st impressions
Rotating [in] lagged realms conceived
[The]Uploaded contingencies…

[As]__Man merged with machine
Previous future[s] molded
[Myth]Misspelled ministry (mini’s tree)
Where lineages make clear
Our modern day actions

[The]Concept’s needlework
[Of]Intertwined neutrality
[A]Nimbi implanted
Tediously thru networking
Ending All nearsightedness

[These]Expansive octaves
[Of]Odes defined thru durations
[&]Unconstrained outlooks
With an owlish decorum
Seers prepare [us] for outer bounds…

2-06-13 Tonka/Tanka Beans
[In]Pas_t wor_ds & Quatrains
[Was]Processed info channeled…
[Hence]Power, refinement
Purposed assignments designed
Furthering along [each] soul’s place

[Thru] [A]Plethora of quotes
Patterns [are] detected like quilts
[My]Exact quandary
[While]Serving quadrants in [my] circles
We begin 2 grasp [life] quite well…

[Hidden], [are] concealed refractions
[A]Repetitive occurrence_
[C] [The] Redeemer within
Realize how the mind constructs
[Ways]In reminding us of [the] Source…

Thru [a] séance of shields
[Is] [Where]Regenerating [of] ALL souls [occurs]
Destroy[ing] signs of ills
You can save your selves [as] saviors
Tri seeing everything [as] self…

2-07-13 – 2-18-13 T_nka Beans
[A]Transmutation’s __pulse
[The]Archaeologist’s time streams
[Or]Impending thresholds
Turn inward fo_r more info
Where your chakras speak loudest

[Of]Ubiquitous gleams
[The]Undying wads of no thing
[Perhaps]Ovals unified
Understanding [the] keys [of] organs
[A]Small-scale uttered galaxy

[A]Systematic vice
[From]Voguish doctrines; conceived glints
[Thru]Vacuum’s inner G
Came planed vocabularies
Of visceral love potions

[The]Winding modes of Yin-Yang
[That]Depicts info wreathing
Infinite… well-formed/whithered
Withstanding ranged overlaps…
[Life’s]Mathematical wherewithal

2-19-13 Tanka/Tonka Beans
Initiate Xu* (emptiness)
Designated [as] X-factors
[Are]Go-d’s xyloid realms [not] seen
For, Xiao Yao Wu Qiong* (freedom & joy are endless within Tao)
Hence, Xing Ming Shuang Xiu* (do Xiu Lian 2 develop intelligence & body 2gether

[Creating]Yeasty crevices
[Where]Comet like yttrium [is] made
[The]Same as laws yammered
When yielding mere suggestions
Towards yourself [&] the hardheaded

Intrinsical[ly] [is] zest
___Zeus’ attributes modernized
[The]Zodiac’s sav_or
[As]Jupiter zigzags [likely] threats
Zingers impact the right now

[These]Scriptures of yore (selves)
[Of]Tomorrow’s yesteryears warped
[When]Freeing yourselves now
Takes [a] backseat to [the] yearn [for] info
[A]Competitive drive [towards] yonder

2-22-13 – 2-25-13 T_nka Beans
Mindful of xenon
Myth’s X plus Y chromosomes
[T_o]_Xhibit what’s learned
When [you] Xiu Miao Ming Xin* (purify & enlighten your heart)
The Xiu Lian Mu Di* (purpose of purification practice)

[The]Body of work, minced
[Of]Plan_s well-thought of, telegraphed
Yenning life’s Wisdom
Where yagis receive signals
Yielding bizarre transmissions

[As]The seen/scene vanishes
All__ outcomes ascend/descend vapors
[The]Veracious ___mentals
Vastly complex [in] easiness
How voids are often defined

Ultra-sight equipped
[Fo_r]This unionized occurrence
[An]Unabridged sequence
Unveiling those whims deemed wrong
That [lay] undetected within

2-22-13 - 2-26-13 Tanka/Tonka Beans
Typified thru speech
Exampled Theosophist* (A form of thought characterized by the unseen)
[A]Pensive subsistence
Under spiritual tutelage
Tao frequency manifests

Soul sanatana
The efflorescence of pull
Or ___ subvert version
Shunning some antecedents
Thru stigmatisms enhanced

Recycled mending
Whole souled receptivity
Rescuer’s flock heard
From [the] ridding of blockages
Restructuring protocols

Side by side quadrants
Annihilated quotients
Quartered parity
[My]Cipher’s qualifications
Consist [of] angular quotas

3-04-13 T_nka Beans
[Loves]Musical pulsars
[Of]Pungent scents a_romatic
Predominance, styled
[Who] [Knows] life’s Peculiarities
[Yet] [Too] preoccupied with beliefs

[A]Touch of opulence
Then orated as charkas
[That]Concludes open-strings* (String with 2 free ends)
The opus breeds remoteness
Digital orchids [made] concrete

[Thru]Nuclear fusion/fissions
A fabricated nascence
The gist, _our nature_
[A]Catharsis of Narcissus
Nomadic amongst [the] living

[The][Realms][Of]Hooded mahatmas
[Love’s]Mellifluous sapience
T_o foresee maelstroms
Of magnificent madness
[A]Mind-state manufactured [thru] words

3-05-13 Tanka/Tonka Beans
Uploaded lamas
Light-cone’s refulgent inlets
Lustrous osmosis
Liquidity encrypted
[A]Configurative life-force

Kinked applications
Observers of kinetics
Knitting life’s gumptions
Thru each kloof peak & valley
[Destined]T_o embody the All-knowing

1st is__ jnana* (knowledge)
Samadhi, judicious ways
Result; Good judgment
Be just in worldly dealings
Beyond there rests the junction

Immense amplitudes
A patent of idealism
[`Tis] I, jivan mukti* (liberated soul)
Institutionalized, yet
Indestructible in will

3-06-13 T_nka Beans
Hol_o_graphic theories viewed
Treat All__ obtained as heir-looms
Prevailed hymns [or] pre-veiled/purged
[A]Bigger hierarchy hidden
& [is] __ often seen in hindsight

[2]Often a gander
Like gravitational fields
Gu_sts of steadiness
Balanced, this great cosmic dance
[As]Galaxies remain inclined

Fructified _mpulse_
A fortuitous mootness
*Fervor in Vishnu (intense feeling)
Compelled [to] concede emotions

Extend__ dimensions
Beyond elucidation
Of dualism’s esplanade

3-08-13- 4-08-13 Tanka/Tonka Beans
I am Dark Matter
Inner G is__ Dark Matter
Dvaita*, jati* (Dvaita=dualism, jati=birth, caste)
Achieve [your] truths thru darsana* (philosophical purification)
Or alleviate duhkha* (suffering)

[2]Comprehend [the] unknown
Combine both facets wi_th
Cit*, [which] leads to purna* (cit=consciousness, purna=total)
Sometimes [not] knowing [breeds] contentment
Become [a] connoisseur in this [regard]

[Thru]The pact of Buddha
[&]Lengths of [the] Bhagavad Gita
My [vow], Brahmacarya
In better grasping actions
I no longer deal in blame

Thriving towards _atman
These Inner G stimulants
Ascertain [what] truth is
And help decode the purpose
Of each act, my speech, or thought

4-08-13 T_nka Beans
Zealous or patience…
That [which] zings & shatters hatred
[Thru]Zodiacs or zones
We are zooming into love…
[Go]Beyond themes of the Zeitgeist

[The]Yardmaster’s exerts
[Now]Load the Way, Yahweh, Talmud
[While]Yearning fo_r less chains
You (pronounced yo) time is where I strengthen
My meridian to yield

Fresh watered xylems
[The]Ultimate Xiu Lian
_Xchanged prestige, primed
First thru [the] practice of Xin xi* (Message Center)
Then, thru [the] routine [of] Xue Shan* (Snow Mountain)

[My]Third eye’s whimsical
[Of]Wholesome negotiations
[The]Equalized mass, w8
As I float effortlessly
Elsewhere, the [area] most desired

4-08-13 – 4-12-12 Tanka/Tonka Beans
The verities penned
Articulated in ___ verves
Vicarious means
The dated visual fields
[Of] voluble explanations

Undaun_ted stroking
Pi_’s of unified theories
Ind_uce/Undo choice
Understanding is the key
As each vessel forms upshots

[These]Tentative findings
[Of]Tried trimurti* approaches
The restoration
Of absolute truth comes from
Everyone’s innermost thoughts

[Thru]__Etched dream seminars
[Of]Salutary frequencies
[The]Goal: (Is__) sarvodaya* (welfare of all; universal uplift)
My medicine [of] Shangri-la* (earthly paradise; imaginary utopia)
[All]It takes [is] mental stamina

4-25-13 T_nka Beans
[Mind’s]Rail__ proficiency
[Thru]Infectious radiation
[Comes]Rama’s influence
[Cloaked] [In] love’s carbon-based regalia
Our essence reveals such

[Those]Quaternary tracks
[Of]Enigmatic quirkiness
Quantifier [or] void
Breaking [down] thoughts N2 quadrants
[Makes] 4 quite an elegant ride

[Forming]Pixilated norms
[Of]Acarya’s advised pulps* (fruit)
[The]Divine’s protégé
Breeding designs [of] photos swayed
[The]Modes of the day [he] procreates

[In]The one-loop process
Observers of time fragments
[See] [That]We’re one & the same
[An]Omnibus of paths traveled
Once discerned [there’s] no derailing

4-26-13 Tanka/Tonka Beans
Nuclear fission/fusion
[Myth’s]Naked Singularity
[A]Nabob’s* enhancement (person of great power, wealth)
[Whenever]Numerology’s present
Numerous versions subsist

[In]A mélange of parts
[Of]Multidimensional [w]holes
[Though]Concerning Moksa* (liberation)
1 must let go of [the] senses
Meaning [can] sometimes be [the] culprit

[So]Luridly distinct
[&]Furnished alongside ladders
[The]Absorbed leavened bread…
[As] [The] I am self makes life [a] prison
We learn [we] knew nothing [ALL__] along…

Trekking in kinship
[The]Incarnations of Kama* (love, desire)
Astuteness [is] knotted
Thru these various kludges
Kept concealed in my knapsack
[A]Scaling jubilance
[While]Devising Jehovah’s traits
[The]Data’s jig-saw; P_e_ce
A je ne sais quoi* of sorts (mysterious quality)
Joining 2gether ALL__ [there] Is__

4-27-13 – 05-02-13 Hip-Hop T_nka Beans
I fused t_o love H.e.r.
[These]Inclusive mannerisms
[&]Its modules amassed
Hidden [are] 45’s inside
Fossilized tables in brief

Hu_manoid noises
Harmonious sets synchronized
[As]Tuneful hums [are] sust_ained
Thru [the] palate [as] high-hats escape
[While]Boom-baps are heard frequently

[These]Technical gospels
[Of]Symphonic gradations blared
_w_irl [then] gain ground [or] r_pture_
[Witness]Krishna’s/God’s multiplied deftness
Growing exponentially

[The]Filaments in gear
[Become]Signified flop transitions
[Of]Godlike films _nclosed (in clothes)
[An]Art-form gained [thru] sewing machines
The trance plants of Grand Masters

4- 27 -13 – 6-28-13 Hip-Hop Tanka/Tonka Beans
Extrapolated renewal
[A]Mogul’s evenness
Established [in] being self-made
The essentials of a sm_th
{Label me the element of entrepreneurism}…

[The]Public’s declarer
[Whose]Differentiating c_ords
[With]Pull, delicacy
Demonstrating usefulness
Depicting [I] phantoms
{Label me the element of language}…

[Equate]E pairs M Cee squared
[The]Mas_ter 0f ceremony
[A]Candor in voicing
[This]]Necessary contraption
[4]__Man [&] machine’s coalescence
{Label me the element of emceeing; the microphone}…

[The]Bard of acrylic/aerosol
Instructive biometry
Divining ALL__ bonds
Thru action-packed subtleness
Announcing art thru symbol
{Label me the element of graffiti}
Hip-hop T_nka Beans

4- 27 -13 – 7-02-13 T_nka Beans
Moveme_nt’s ancestress
[The]Exemplar of Africa
[Using]Art official nous* (sense)
[So]Tech-savvy she’s [now] an android
H.e.r. actions [are] far from phony

[The]Zygote’s bra_n[e] _ wav[e] _
[Where]Fission _ntails zealous means
[The]Zips restored contacts
From zero 2 60 in
Zulu nation’s time-capsule

Fiber Optic yarn_
Sewn; a youthful concurrence
Learn___ about yourself
Embodiments of [the] yielder
[As]Yes-yes yall’ers resonate

[The]Meccanized Xin Xi* (message center)
Performing thru dance Xing Gong* (developing intelligence, opening channels)
(Grasping) *Twigging Xiu Tao* (study/reach Tao)
Popping locks that gate the X
Grooving [to] break beats [amidst] Xiao Zhou* (inner G circle)

4- 27-13 – 7-03-13 Hip-Hop Tanka/Tonka Beans
Wondrous spectacles (spek*)
Devising watercourses
[Of]Unconstrained art-works
[The]Writings of a muralist
Warping time and stimulus

[The]Portra__yals in verse
[Thru]Verisimilitude’s tool
[&] [The]Instrument’s vim, style_
[Where]Visceral daydreams are spat
Manifests [N2] vitality

[From]Undercover Czars [or] Czarinas
[The]Universalized symbols
Seem unambiguous when
Impresarios unite

[The]Viewpoint_ of tapas* (tree bark; fabric)
When fabricating round tiers
[Reflects]The Omnipotent
Or Vishnu’s dualism
[A]Vibe found all too familiar

[The]Syntactical source_
[Of]Native Tongue’s stimulation
Especially [when] speech vibrates
Frequencies of [ALL__] societies

[Like]Acoustic’_ riddims (rhythms)
Verbalized break beats & rhymes
Revisit the Bronx
And resonate [throughout] galaxies
Recreating soul music

[Wi_th]Quadraphonic twists
[An]Art of quantum tunneling
Shen Qi Jing He Yi
Elements are spun quite well
As life’s questions are answered

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